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Sonya Rencevicz lcsw

EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

EMDR is an integrative therapy approach (meaning it is used along with other therapy approaches) which provides rapid relief through reprocessing of information and negatively held beliefs about the self, formed during difficult or traumatic life events.  It is used for a variety of treatment issues including trauma, phobias, anxiety, depression, performance enhancement, emotional regulation, dissociative disorders, and sexual/physical abuse and neglect histories. EMDR has been found effective and is endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association.

EMDR is an experiential therapy that helps clients identify and activate trigger memories, integrating and consolidating what happened and moving it into resolution.


  • Helps to integrate the logical left brain with the emotional right brain.
  • Moves “frozen” dysfunctional information into healthier information, creating new neural pathways.
  • Deactivates triggers and helps us become less reactive to situations.
  • Disrupts the traumatic memory network, interrupting previous links to negative emotion.
  • Allows you to process the experience NOW that you were unable to THEN.
  • Changes the way traumatic, triggering memories are stored, allowing for the integration of new information into old.
  • May result in “increased attentional flexibility” – i.e.  the brain forms new, healthier neural pathways, increasing healthy responses.

Therefore we can remember difficult events without suffering from the old automatic triggers. Old response patterns are replaced with new, healthier options.

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