Eating Disorders              & Body Image

Contrary to popular opinion, eating disorders are not a "choice".  They are easily misunderstood, even by those who suffer with them.  Most often, people fall into disordered eating behaviors to cope with a tangled bunch of underlying feelings and unmet needs they don’t even realize exist.  What we think others expect of us and what we expect of ourselves can feel overwhelming and conflicting.  To complicate matters, social media can make us feel like we will never measure up and our culture sends the message that our lives must be optimized in every way possible.  It seems like others have this figured out, but how can a person possibly do it all and make everyone happy?

What we eat or don’t eat is one of the few areas where we may feel in control and accomplished.  Calories in, calories out narrow our world into smaller, manageable focus.  Perhaps the eating issues have escalated and need to be dealt with. Perhaps the issues sit at the edge, manageable yet still interfering with life.  I can help you sort this out.  No judgments.

For those of you who know someone with an eating disorder: parents, spouses, friends, or family members, this can be a difficult and scary time.  I will help you understand and negotiate move through this.

I Can Help With


Binge Eating Disorder
Compulsive Exercise

Disordered Eating

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Athletes & Eating Disorders

Examples Of Things I Can Help With


Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
Athletic Demands & Performance
Alcohol & Drugs
Parent & Family Relationships


Depression & Mood
Divorce Scenarios
Grief & Loss Self Injury


Eating Issues & Disorders
Friendship Issues
College Transitions
Social Media & Digital Landscape