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Therapy,  Counseling  &  Solution-Focused Coaching

Sonya Rencevicz lcsw

Therapy for Adults

During psychotherapy sessions, I provide a private, safe and judgment free atmosphere to explore issues, combined with a compassionate yet logical approach to help you understand your feelings and utilize your strengths to find solutions.  Ultimately you gain problem solving skills for future use.  One of the many key benefits of this type of therapy for adults is learning useful strategies, tools and communication techniques that you can apply to any variety of situations and achieve optimal results.

I have provided adult therapy for more than 20 years, covering a variety of  issues including:

  • Anxiety, OCD, Panic attacks, & Phobia
  • Addictions including Alcohol and Drug
  • Bi-polar and other Mood Disorders
  • Depression, Grief and Loss
  • Divorce and Blended Family Issues
  • Career
  • Eating Disorders
  • Life Transitions
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self Injury
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma (PTSD)

Therapy for Young Adults & College Students

Launching children is one of the most difficult stages in the family life cycle for everyone involved.  Being “launched” is equally challenging, depending on birth order, family history and a variety of other factors.  College graduation and facing the world of work, doesn’t mean you should have everything figured out.  During psychotherapy for college students, you will learn the keys to successfully navigating through these major transitions. Together in therapy, we will identify individualized tools and strategies for you to utilize in coping with challenging scenarios in order to establish healthy patterns of reacting and relating.

Family  &  Couples Therapy

Understanding the family we grew up in (or are growing up in) is key to understanding ourselves and how we relate to the world.  Our early experiences penetrate our psyche, forming a story like the rings of a tree. The feelings and beliefs from these past experiences are interwoven into our physiology and have tremendous invisible impact on our present day reactions and relating patterns. In family therapy and in couples therapy, I find most success by combining information from the past with strategies for today’s dilemmas.  I will help you identify the “tree rings” that trigger unhealthy reactivity or responses. Couples therapy and family therapy teaches you strategies for effective conflict resolution. I integrate the Family System model, insights from the most recent Brain Research with Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore issues and challenges in an atmosphere free of blame, shame or criticism.

Whether dealing with current challenges or long standing issues, I will help you to:

  • Utilize tools to manage conflict and move to resolution
  • Offer options to expand your lens in viewing situations
  • Explore, understand and appreciate differences
  • Establish a pattern of respectful, effective communication
  • Balance autonomy with connection in your relationships
  • Understand the contribution of hormones and neurotransmitters in communication and reactivity
  • Appreciate the importance of hitting the “Pause” button

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