The Beauty of Pets

Thought for the week: The Beauty of Pets (August 5, 2015)

The presence of a pet enriches our lives in many ways. Did you know that oxytocin, the feel good hormone, is released in both the pet and the human during and after a petting session? There is an excellent show on NOVA, “Dogs Decoded” that has been around for a few years. It covers the history of dogs as well as how they have adapted their communication in order to relate better to us. If only we, the human species, could learn to be so generous and accommodating with the animal kingdom.

Pets have much to teach us by:

~ Reminding us to get plenty of fresh air and exercise by encouraging us to take daily walks outside.

~Offering stability through the routine of caring for them daily.

~Providing comfort and healing, physically through touch and play; emotionally by being attuned to our moods and needs and through play.

~Boosting our self esteem by appreciating all that we do, by being excited every time we enter the room and through loyalty.

~Bringing us into the present moment and feeding our soul through the connection with the larger animal world around us.

~Providing companionship, an animal-human bond regardless of our physical appearance or success in life.

~Offering a calming balance to our bodies and minds as we tune into their steady breathing, swimming, or purring.

~Showing us that being kind is more important than being important and that faithfulness is basic ingredient in a loving relationship. (from “What Dogs Teach Us…” by Glenn Dromgoole).

~Teaching us how to grow old gracefully.