Paris Headline

Thought for the week:   Paris Headline

Soon after the Paris tragedy at least one news source released a headline suggesting it was already time to consider how to move forward, according to the email blast that was delivered to my inbox on Saturday morning.

Whether this was the intention of the full article or not, the headline alone suggested, in less then 24 hours after the attacks, that it was time to move on.  The injured are just beginning to be cared for, the dead haven’t been buried and the shock hasn’t had a chance to fully subside.  How could anyone be expected to make plans for moving forward?  People need the opportunity to deal with this tragedy in their own way and in their own time frames, those intimately involved, those at a great distance and everyone in between.  Observers of the events may be impacted more then expected or realized.  As vital as news reporting can be, it can also be inaccurate and insensitive. 

Many discussions of the Paris attacks lead into remembrances of 9/11.  The re-telling of stories and experiences, as well as sharing reflections on the fragility of life, can be helpful and healing,.  The “news machine” aside, it is heartwarming and encouraging to see the tidbits of the extra kindness people extended to each other for weeks after 911, already beginning to emerge.